“Physical” Attraction

Head Nurse

Mike walked into the Occupational Health Center prepared for the typical pre-employment drug screen and physical exam. The pretty young receptionist smiled politely as she handed him the forms to be filled out.  He filled out the form quickly not wanting to waste more than an hour. He had things to do. As he handed the forms back, the receptionist said, “I’m sure the nurse will be finished with you rather quickly.”  It struck him as odd, but he just smiled and sat down to wait.  Within minutes his name was called and Michelle, an attractive young “specialist”, walked him into the exam room.  After asking the cursory health questions, she said she would step out for a moment and asked that he remove his clothes and put on the hospital gown that was sitting on the exam table. He thought nothing of it and after she left he removed his clothes and slid into the gown.

Moments later Michelle came back in and said she would be preparing Mike for the Nurse and needed to perform several tests. Being comfortable with his body Mike didn’t have a problem when Michelle slipped her hand under his gown to check for a hernia. “Turn your head to the right and cough, please”, she said. “Now again to the left.”  He thought, “same old thing since High School.”

Then Michelle said she needed to check more closely without the glove she had been wearing because it allowed her to get a better feel. Mike knew this was odd, but didn’t object.  As she looked him straight in the eye, Michelle gently cupped Mike’s balls in her bare hand and started to lightly tickle them. Mike was in shock for a split second.  Her smile reassured him as she continued to explore. She said, “the nurse will be coming soon and I my job is to make sure you are prepared.”

Mike felt himself getting hard in her hand and she worked. Then as soon as she started, she stopped. “Why did you stop?”  Michelle said, “My job is finished. Someone will be with you in a moment” and she left him alone in the room half erect.

When the door opened, Tiffany stepped in and asked warmly “Did Michelle do her job well?”  To which Mike replied, “Um, Yes she did, but I am a bit uncomfortable.”  Tiffany assured him that his comfort was their top priority and she would do her best to help him feel better.  She reached under Mike’s gown and began to rub and stroke his manhood. Milking each drop of pre-cum that she could and using it to lubricate his shaft. Swirling her thumb over the head as she worked. As Mike tilted his head back and let out a soft moan, Tiffany’s hand stopped moving but held onto him firmly.  “Are you done?” he asked.  Tiffany said, “Yes Mike, I am done with my part. The nurse will be in to see you very shortly” smiled and left the room.

Mike stood there looking like the center pole in a circus tent. Just then Lesley, the Head Nurse, stepped through the door and closed it behind her. She looked down at his “tent” and said, “I see you’ve met Michelle and Tiffany. They are good girls, aren’t they?”  Mike was speechless as Lesley rubbed his hard cock through the now wet hospital gown and began removing her top.  “It’s time to collect your final sample and there is only one right way.  You will give your sample in two ways, first on my tits and the rest in my mouth. I will be on my knees the entire time looking up at you so you know how much this sample means to me.”  The second her lips touch his flesh he felt a shiver run down his spine and almost came right then, but contained himself.  Lesley worked his shaft slowly and smoothly at first, rubbing one hand on his sac and the other alternating up and down his dick as she took him deep in her throat.  It only took a few minutes and Mike sighed, “I can’t go much longer. I’m going to cum, Nowwwww!!!”  Lesley had him full in her hand as his first pulse covered her nipples with cream. The next thing he knew he was in her mouth for the next three pulses, feeling each one deep in her throat. Her skilled tongue swirling around the tip feeling so good he wanted to push her away, but didn’t.  When Lesley felt the last pulse and she sucked Mike until he was almost fully soft and kissed the tip of his dick.  Mike felt like he was going to pass out and must have looked like it. Lesley said, “Mike, I think you should sit down for a few minutes and recover.”  Mike did as she suggested and took a deep breath.

Lesley cleaned her tits, but left just a little there “as a memento” she said to him. Just before she left the room she smiled the most beautiful smile, her eyes squinting just a little, and said “now you understand why I am the Head Nurse.”   Mike, mentally recovered by now, replied “I sure as hell do and I wish I could get a “physical” like this twice a week.”  She smiled again and closed the door.

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