Her Back

All I want to do in this moment
is kiss her back
to feel my lips upon her skin
in a way few may understand

Brush the top of her panties
as she feels my breath in the small of her back

Mouthing the words, “I love you”
down her naked sides
and up again

Over her shoulders
and the back of her neck

Reading her goose bumps
like brail under my lips

Her body speaks to me
in a voice that drowns out the world

Tasting her skin
as I run my hands down her ribs
and over her hips

I cherish these moments
the moments she allows me to play
to take my time
to absorb her fully
to memorize her in every way

She is beautiful

6 thoughts on “Her Back

  1. The smoothness of her skin on your lips and the way her legs involuntarily part as you kiss your way up them… I think I feel your pain here, my friend.


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