I have absolutely nothing to write about this picture

other than it is stunningly beautiful to me

and I struggle to pull my eyes away from it.

I am inexplicably drawn to a drawing.

Without an ounce of artistic ability, I can’t understand

how anyone can draw like this.  Everything

about this picture captivates my mind.

The chair, the shading, her eyes,

the way her right arm frames her face and her

left arm hangs showing her perfect hand and fingers,

her toned body, the way her hand pushes her hair back,

the definition in her cheek bones, her shins,

a glimpse of her breast and curve of her butt, her mouth and her lips….

It is simply compelling.

13 thoughts on ““Drawn”

  1. I have no ability to draw anatomy, definition, contours. I know a trick I learned in school and that is to take a drawing, make a grid over it and draw each square. I did it that way and I just copied a photograph of a compelling image : ) I think you’d be so happy if you did this. Then you can use pencil and see the lines and at the end, you actually have a piece of art you love.


  2. “without an ounce of artistic ability”… ya right! Like my ass has no crack. Have you checked ANY of your posts? “Artistic ability” is defined in the Webster Book of Dictionitists as… and I quote “See Nottooold2.wordpress.com”

    Nice picture, but nothing compared to the story about the sailboat.


  3. What damn nice things to say. And 11 is always a good place to be. When the other blokes are at 10 and their guitar is at 10, and their amplifier is at 10 when can you go?
    Where? 11, that’s right. 🙂 Too funny. ST reference. Love it.


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