The Number

The Number

I saw the number on my phone
and it took me by surprise
not quite sure what to do
could not believe my eyes

So many months have passed
not easy to remember
3 before the 4, or not
it was way back in December

A pressure building in my chest
three digits (hyphen) four
reply or not my thought
meh, maybe just once more

It’s not so easy, so I find
she hurts me once in a while
but with perspective it’s okay
then I sit and smile

So we still bicker here and there
kick and punch, poke and jab
perpetually remembering to forget
all good things we once had

Deny the past in self-preservation
create an alternate narrative
something so it all makes sense
compartmentalizing is imperative

It was good to see your number again…..

8 thoughts on “The Number

  1. To be able to look outside the box, try to not harbor ill feelings towards the ones that hurt you, and not be resentful will make one stronger.
    Glad, from what you written, you are able to do that with this person. πŸ™‚

    I like how you wrote it.


      • Good that you are able to.

        You are welcome, slowly I am catching up to you and your blogging cohorts.
        Vacations are always so nice. πŸ™‚


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