An Eternal Flame

The Flame

I hope some day she will see
that it is possible
to love someone without being with them

That sex is not love
and love is not sex

That spiritual closeness
is so much more than
physical closeness

One can accentuate the other
but they are not the same thing

That the flame of a candle
can burn
and be extinguished

And yet, as long as it remains hot
it can be re-ignited
without the physical touch of another flame

It is the heat that starts the fire

Between some people
the heat never dies

The eternal flame
whether shared or not
it smolders and remains

Such is the beauty of real love

24 thoughts on “An Eternal Flame

  1. Truly inspired, Mr. 2. I am reasonably confident that if she doesn’t realize it yet, you will find a way to make sure she does soon.

    But let’s be realistic here. The sex? It’s definitely right up there.

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      • Better watch out or there’ll be another mess in the kitchen coming up. Because sex WITH love AND mazola oil is just sinful!!

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  2. I think this is the most touching thing I have read from you yet – wow! And I love and agree with this fine line “as long as it remains hot
    it can be re-ignited”

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  3. A long tine ago, there was a thing called courtly love. It was considered the most pure, most honest of passions. It was in a time when a person did not marry for love, but for politics, money, influence. And so, more oft than not, a person would be wed to one they did not, or could not, or no longer could love. But from afar, they were adored. Worshiped for their beauty, sung of in songs both sweet and lustful, gifted with words and presents of a richness that no mere material thing could achieve. They may never have shared so much as a touch, but they loved. Deeply. Passionately. Fully.

    And there are times…good as sex is, and much as I love it…I envy them.

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  4. A perfect description of longing. Not for sexual pleasure, but for love, that spiritual closeness. So very well written.


  5. A good message and I hope one day she can see it too… It would be wonderful for her.
    “real love” it seems so very few know it as you described here in your prose.


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