Oh, Those Eyes


Oh, those eyes
that seductive look in her eyes
an almost evil look
she knows exactly what she’s doing

Her finger tip tracing her tender lips
a hint of a smile
those eyes, oh those eyes….

Why does she torment so?
This wicked, wicked woman
wicked in so many wonderful ways

Her blouse unbuttoned just enough
to expose her supple breasts

Her wet finger circling
each nipple
glistening and erect for my pleasure

I hear the singing in my head
like a finger on the rim of a wine glass
as her finger goes around and around

She is
MY demon
my succubus
my she-devil
my siren

She is all of these
FOR me
and only me

Many have tried to hold her
all have failed

But she gives herself freely
To me
Me alone

But those eyes….
Oh, Those incredible eyes….
Those beautiful eyes
of Sky blue
like vodka they intoxicate

I am the master of her heart and body
but she is master of my soul

With those eyes
those sensual eyes
Oh, those eyes……

13 thoughts on “Oh, Those Eyes

    • So true. You can learn a lot by someone’s eyes if you care to notice. I am a huge fan of all the usual female body parts, but there is so much more to a woman than tits, an ass, a pussy, legs, etc…. some women have a natural aura about them. I would imagine men have the same thing, but I’ve never picked up on it myself. LOL


      • Men have that aura too. It’s just harder to see cause it’s often guarded or hidden a few layers behind… well never mind, but it’s there for those that care to look.


      • That’s true. We do bury lots of things. I just don’t know if it’s learned or innate. 😦 But, that’s why we have women to keep us on an even keel. 🙂


  1. Eyes are powerful stuff, no doubt. She sounds like quite a woman with the descriptions of siren and succubus! I especially liked the line about intoxicating, and of the part of the singing that a finger makes going round the rim of a wine glass. Those really hit me for descriptions.


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