Did you catch it??


Having hired, fired, promoted and demoted many people over the years,
I got a kick out of this immediately. Then something dawned on me.
If you have a few moments, please give a read and see if you notice
the same thing I did. It is nothing grammatical. There is nothing wrong with the picture. It’s is simply a silly observation I made.
Most of you being writers and wordsmiths, might pick up on it right away.
Hope the obvious joke gives you a chuckle. Let me know if you catch what gave me a chuckle beyond the obvious. Thanks (if you choose to comment).
HINT: It is a single word that caught my eye. 🙂 Now you’ll all get it, but that’s the point. Hahaha

15 thoughts on “Did you catch it??

    • You write (finally) therefore you are a writer. Duh. 🙂
      Do your prefer VFR or IFR and is a stratocumulus on the horizon cause for alarm at 6,000 feet?

      The real question is, did you notice anything in the wording that strikes you as funny beyond the intended joke?


      • IFR. A stratocumulus is no concern ever. Cumulonimbus is a very different story.

        I set off the fire alarm with the smoke pouring out of my brain, and I can’t see it. When the allotted time is up I will beg you to let us in on your secret giggle. I think my brain is hard-wired to catch the intended joke only.


  1. hmmmm A single word that caught your eye? That’s hard since I don’t know you.
    I guess I can’t lose anything by guessing…. I’ll guess?
    *insert Jeopardy (thinking) music*

    Am I close?


  2. You SECRETLY WANT TO BE A TRANSVESTITE? “Dress” for the job you want? So you wore a dress to work and now you’re going to get a spanking. If that’s not it then I want a new job.



  3. Alright, I’ll spill the bean as to what made me smile.
    The word “my” as opposed to “a”. As in MY Batman suit. Implying he already owned one prior to that day. Then again, who doesn’t, right. LOL

    I pick up on silly little details sometimes. 😄


  4. It’s odd. I thought that, as I read this. I thought “who has a Batman costume?”

    So I had it, but couldn’t figure it out. Oh how I hate to lose.

    Do another, do another!!! I, like batman, will prevail. One day.


    • I’ll look around and see what I can find. LOL
      Maybe some day I’ll get to jump out of a plane you are flying. If you fly that sort of plane. Of course you CAN, it’s more if you DO. 🙂

      PS: I’m no pilot, but IFR would freak me the hell out. I like to see what is out there. I don’t trust machines and electronics…. or an ATC person and their equipment.


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