Not Just A Place To Put It

Not just a place
I want to ask you
every time we talk,
Why you sell yourself short?

Why do you always seem to find a way
to lessen your wants and needs
or imply what you want is not important?

Why do you see yourself
as an object for men to use?

Ignoring your needs for theirs
because your needs are not important,

Why do you see yourself as
just a place to put it?

It breaks my heart
each and every time we talk.

The conversation takes
that wicked turn.

I feel it coming every time
and know you can’t help it, babe.

The scars cut deep on your
arms and thighs
and etch your very soul.

You even discount me at times.
Discount what we had.

Knowing that it’s
self-preservation does
not lessen the pain we
share as you make us
something we were not.

I want to ask,
Why do you allow these thoughts
to master you?
Why can’t you learn to master them?

But I know the answer
before the words ever escape my lips.

It’s him.

That evil piece of shit
and all the vile things he did
to the innocent
beautiful angel you once were (and are).

Please try to find that perfect
angel inside of yourself.

She is still inside someplace.

Fight to give her a voice
and her rightful place in
the heaven of your chosing.

Allow the angel she once
was a chance to spread
her wings and fly.
High above the pain and sorrow.

Smiling with tears of
pure joy raining down
upon the earth.

Giving peace
to others who have suffered
at the hands of evil.

Regardless of what that
depraved and baleful
excuse of a man did,
he does not define you.

I know what I’m asking is
Easier said than done.

I realize there is comfort
in a known hell
and there is fear in an unknown heaven.

But please try.

Not for me.

For yourself my dear sweet angel.

YOU are worth it.
You are worth more than you know.
You are
Not Just A Place To Put It.

63 thoughts on “Not Just A Place To Put It

  1. Beautifully written. Almost brought me to tears as someone who has been that girl. Such a sad, lonely and self destructive place to be. Another beautiful BUT very sad piece.


    • I’m sorry you’ve been through anything even remotely similar. There is a special place in hell for anyone that would harm an innocent person. Be it child, woman or man. Evil is evil.
      Although it just fell out of my head and heart, it was not “easy” to write. Thank you so much for the comment. Take care.


      • It’s okay….I’ve come a long way, took a long time and made many self destructive decisions. But, I’m here, stronger and refusing to be a victim to it anymore. Abuse of any kind is wrong and so hurtful. Leaves some pretty deep scars. Thank you for writing on something so powerful.


  2. Beautifully expressed. I feel compassion and sadness but it’s shadowed by its greatness. Your acknowledgement creates the gateway for a woman to fly out as you describe. This is powerful.


  3. Wow…. This struck a chord. Also having being “that girl” I can freely say writing like this really does pull at the heart


  4. Again, Thank You for not ever being afraid to take such a strong and heartfelt stance on this very hard subject matter!!
    We must continue to talk about abuse until shame is so heavy that guilty parties are fearful to show their ugly heads, and society will no longer be willing to accept this behavior. And we must protect and support the innocents. Perhaps one day we can slay this nasty beast.

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  5. I truly have no words right at this moment….
    Please just know that your words resonate and you expressed yourself beautifully (if I may call your work beautiful).

    Thanks for writing this.


  6. A powerful call to find inner strength… this was a deeply compassion act, like you were throwing a life preserver to her in a tumultuous ocean. You’re a deeply caring person to write this.


    • Thank you for the great comment.
      The most difficult part to deal with is watching someone “drowning”, throwing them a life preserver and they refuse to grab it. You can’t save those who don’t want to be saved. But that understanding gives no consolation as you watch them go under. It sucks.


  7. This is a great piece not only because of how it is written but what it says. Abuse comes in so many packages that it is hard to realize, sometimes, that it’s even there. Pretty package usually means something nice. Men can be abused too, sometimes by a very pretty and enticing package.

    And then… sometimes it’s our own package that just keeps getting us in trouble. Damned thing!
    Handsomely written.


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