Snow bunny

You’re such a little sexy tease

you naughty, naughty girl

taunting with your naked breasts

’round nippy wind does swirl


You tell me that your nice and hot

of that I have no doubt

an evil grin upon your lips

you see my manhood sprout


I command “don’t sit there smiling”

for now you’ve called the beast

on your hands and knees you’ll crawl

to get your liquid feast


Take me in your hand and mouth

I’ll give you what you crave

resolute with blood and flesh

you’ll work my rigid stave


I’ve had enough of this tease

it’s time you get your due

deep within your loving throat

I’m cumming just for you







28 thoughts on “Tease

      • Oh no… 😦

        I am not sure what is happening (maybe because we are private?) anyway another blogger emailed me over the weekend to tell me exactly what you just said. She couldn’t comment from WP and instead she had to go into our blog and comment from there.
        Maybe you can do the same? IDK


      • Ok 🙂
        Hope it works…

        Are you? Then bring it! 😉

        As for your question about JK, he is. As you will see we are both easy going and don’t offend easily. 🙂



      • I once dated a very attractive girl and I found it super exciting when guys would hit on her when we went out. She was very flirty with them and I could see them getting all excited, but I knew when we left I’d be the one sleeping with her. I’m sure JK finds it equally stimulating. Or at least I HOPE so. He’s probably bigger than me. In height, that is.


      • CB are you saying that I am flirty? hmmmmmm 🙂
        I don’t want to answer for him but I know that JK enjoys watching my behavior at times. He likes the fun spirit that lives within me as much as my completely submission to him.

        It’s only secured men that are able to enjoy their flirty women. Glad to see you are one of them. 🙂

        Is JK BIGGER than you? hmmmm you are making me wonder. 😛
        Sorry I couldn’t resist. lol
        I better go before I get in trouble. hehehe


      • Instigator *gasp* moi?
        ­¡Ay Dios Mio!
        Guess time will tell and show you if trouble finds me or if I seek it. 😉


      • *innocent look* I don’t know…. :mrgreen:
        Want to share why?
        Enquiring (subble) minds want to know. 😀
        Can’t believe that catch phrase came out in the 80’s!


      • That is a great point. I never had a problem with other people being attracted to or flirting with the woman I was with. I just assumed that meant they had as good of taste in women as I do.


      • Sofia… are you flirty? ARE YOU FLIRTY? Ummmmm…. yes. Oh and I soooooo hate that in a woman. I don’t like having anything left to my imagination. To wonder “what if…?”. I just… hate… it. 😉 ❤


  1. These last three poems are awesome, nto2!! I love the simplicity of them and yet they speak volumes. Nicely done! And thanks for sharing. It is fun to watch the two of you working together.


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