A Thousand Miles Away


She has a way of touching me

a thousand miles away

captivates my very soul

in each and every way


When I’m feeling down and low

or all pissed off and mean

a little grin across her lips

just wipes my troubles clean


Her sweet “Good morning” every day

and “Dream of me” each night

brings a smile to my face

and makes my darkness light


This woman that I’ve never met

my hands they long to feel

IΒ long to wrap my arms around

just to know she’s real


12 thoughts on “A Thousand Miles Away

  1. Strikingly beautiful. A distance gives a different perspective and appreciation that’s difficult to achieve with those in hands reach.


  2. Oh how these post reminds me of that longing I had, for months, to touch JK before I actually met him in person.
    Exquisitely put.
    I hope one day your desire to wrap your arms around her will come true.


  3. Beautiful… I’m sure we’ve all shared this feeling at some point. However sometimes it feels this way even in the same room


  4. A million miles, two hundred miles. Sometimes they seem the same. I don’t envy you that. I did not realize you had never met. This sounds tortuous. As a fellow I once worked with said, when you do finally meet it will look like an ice cream truck exploded.

    Not sure if that’s an image to look forward to. But there it is.


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