A thousand cuts


I will always hold you close

protecting you from pain

in my arms or in my heart

your demons I have slain


I will shed my blood for you

just to keep you free

give my life so you may live

a king or queen you’ll be


I would bare a thousand cuts

absorb a million blows

but never waver from my course

to save you from your woes


I believe a man is thus

to shield his precious doves

slings and arrows to his flesh

protecting those he loves







27 thoughts on “A thousand cuts

  1. You know, it’s shit like this that make women take their armor and clothes off to please the hell out of you. Cut it out. (This piece is what I was talking about how you just melt me with your honorable side. NOT that any other side isn’t honorable but you know what I mean.)


  2. such an intractea and complex man…
    Love what you wrote here… to be the protector and make your family feel safe says so much about the type of man you are.
    Its a great and honorable quality you possess.

    Ok, I need to stop rambling… 😀



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