A new page

tragicescape took to this process like a verteran and we are so happy she agreed to work with us. Her perspective was critical to this cross-generational piece. 😄

Tragic Escape

We think the time has come, my dear
for us to have a talk
to listen to your joy and pain
and help you on your walk

Tell us of your love and rage
tell us where you stand
share with us your hopes and dreams
we’ll offer wisdom’s hand

They say with age comes wisdom
be that true or be it not
our hearts are with you, we understand
also, we really like you, a lot

We do not judge, we’ve made mistakes
we’ll listen patiently
when you are ready my dear
we’ll both be here waiting willingly

Age may gift wisdom
but wisdom grants untimely age
so much heartache so little time
not enough space on this crumpled page

Paper is cheap, time is free
heartache will ebb and flow
if you try to hold it in
you may not fly and grow

Time will lend it’s fractured hand

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