Do Not Trifle with Me

Origin of image unknown.


LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!

I believe every Man should have this creature inside of him.

He should carry himself with calm confidence.

He should be gentle and loving.

He should not be afraid or ashamed to release the creature when those he loves are threatened.






19 thoughts on “Do Not Trifle with Me

  1. I have seen the light!! Or at least the picture. What great words. We really do all need to keep the creature at bay but have it simmering, on the boil, just in case.

    Note to self… do NOT piss off nottooold2.


    • Oddly enough, it’s the knowledge that the creature exists in a man that exudes his confidence and calm. Without it, a man is weak and diminutive. Weak and diminutive isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it simply is what it is. Controlled rage is power. Uncontrolled rage is weakness.
      No need to worry about me, I’m harmless. 😉
      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Older than than spring time younger than fall. Somewhere in the summer of my life. I got my gold star on my 40th birthday and a diamond star recently for my 50th. I don’t know what comes next but life just keeps getting better. Kryptonium? Titanium?


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