Sailors take warning

Michigan: 5:45am today. Amazing and Beautiful.

Red sky in the morning

Red sky at night

sailors delight

Red sky in the morning

sailors take warning


A simple sailor’s rhyme

but never doubt it’s truth

sailors know to read the sky

this we learned in youth


My mother used to share these words

when evening sky caught fire

my mind would leap to morning’s glow

and thoughts of rain’s desire


She used to let us watch the storms

our minds would race and fly

with every clap of thunder

and lightning filled the sky


This morning as I drove to work

while redness filled the sky

reflecting on my mothers face

a tear fell from my eye


I love you Mom.



Feel free in use “Father” or “Dad” if you so choose as you read. It’s all good.  🙂







9 thoughts on “Sailors take warning

    • I figured you might like this one. 😉
      Now….keeping with my inclination toward balance, the next post is going to be rather “different”. (He said with a wry, somewhat devious smile)


    • Thanks. I took it this morning on the way to an early meeting. I could hear the thunder in the west, but the sky was amazing. My phone doesn’t do it justice, but it caught the essence of it. 🙂

      Now to get a little “dirty”.


  1. As the son of a son (of a son) of a sailor, a family of nautical tradition, this rhyme has been spoken to me since birth. And never so beautifully. Thanks for sharing this, my friend.


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