My Need is Your Desire


I do not feel like making love

My dear you are in luck

Frustration building deep inside

Tonight I need to fuck


Bury my face between your legs

You’ll coat face with joy

Put a smile across my lips

With your lips I will toy


Then I’ll put you on your knees

Look down into your eyes

Mouth so full and looking up

Working for your prize


Pulling out, I stand you up

And pin you to the wall

Slam myself deep inside

Tonight my sweet we ball


Pick you up and toss you down

Upon the couch you’re splayed

Grab your legs and pull close

I did not come to play


You will give me my release

For that is your desire

My fingers bite into your flesh

And catch your soul on fire


A final thrust deep within

Your ass receives my thumb

All my anger disappears

We feel each other cum






8 thoughts on “My Need is Your Desire

    • Hahaha. Thanks. This one is an odd juxtaposition to the last one referencing my mom, but hey…. what can I say. My mind is an eclectic mix of respect, control, softness and smut. It’s crazy in here, but it’s all I know. LOL


      • Thanks. BTW, my middle son (the car kid) says go with the BMW. The Audi is very nice, but for reasons I tuned out after 10mins, the Beemer is his recommendation. We got him a late model 325i convertible 5 speed when he got his license and he babies that silly little thing.


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