Enough Already!! (A brief rant)



Enough already!!

I am as happy as the next guy

probably more,

but come on…..


Enough of the song – Happy!!

It was cute the first million times I heard it,

but for crying out loud

I’m dying over here.


I can’t even take a piss

in McDonalds without hearing it

are you shitting me??

Please someone drive a stake

through the heart of that infernal song


It’s the “Don’t worry, be happy” of today

Yeah, THAT damn song sure didn’t get old either…. Ugh!!


Pull the fucking plug, PLEASE!!!

It doesn’t make me happy anymore.

44 thoughts on “Enough Already!! (A brief rant)

  1. Your poem made me laugh! Yes, that damn song is everywhere and needs to leave for a long time. Like “Blurred Lines” last summer, and so many hit songs before that, they’re played way too much!


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