Her Little Flower Dress

Flower dress

Her little flower dress
dancing on a breeze
lifting just enough
offering a tease

Firm and tight round cheeks
with long and slender legs
bring me to my knees
make me want to beg

With her I will not beg
she knows just what I need
fulfilling my desires
and my commands she’ll heed

Gazing at her crease
imagining my lips
tracing every crevice
within my tongue will slip

The heady scent of woman
her offering so sweet
drinking from her well
like whiskey taken neat

Drunken from her nectar
she knows I should not drive
in her mouth there’s safety
my honey fills her hive

Now sitting at my desk
two full days of stress
opening my briefcase
to find her flowered dress

And I smile…..

17 thoughts on “Her Little Flower Dress

    • Thank you. 🙂
      Good whiskey should not be corrupted with ice or water…. or anything for that matter. The same holds true for women. The taste is perfection in and of itself.


  1. Yes that whiskey line jumped out like a jaguar from a branch. But whiskey tastes like gasoline!! I’m sure that’s not what you meant. I will have to pretend it was an 18 year old rum. Then I get it. It was pure brilliance in a bottle! You have painted a picture that no man could refuse. Well… I couldn’t anyway.


  2. I am going to leave you two to drown your love in, what I consider barbecue starter. I admire your ability to stick together. I hope neither of you smokes or is a dragon. (Yes, yes. I understand you are both smokin’ hot. Just leave the BIC lighters in your suits of armor. Or “amour”).


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