Her Skin


Sated and satisfied
basking in the afterglow
fingers dance upon her skin
lightly to and froe

A smile on her lips
she loves this part
dozing yet alive
warming her very heart

Her skin is so soft
silken to my touch
sweet on my lips
a taste I crave so much

In these quiet moments
my mind will sometimes wander
how could her past lovers
this perfection so squander

Fingertips to flesh
I feel that subtle stir
once is not enough
again, I make love to her

14 thoughts on “Her Skin

  1. Ahhh. The soft touch of the fairer sex. It is an all encompassing experience. Some times you just want to caress, sometimes you just want it rough. Much like sand paper. Sometimes coarse, sometimes smooth. All depends on the finish you’re looking for. But the nicest finish usually ends with the smooth.

    Trust me. I’m a carpenter.


  2. Uh… er… I meant I was a Love Carpenter. Building the glow that brings her to my kitchen of delectable delights. Compound miter? A recipe with multiple ingredients. Bevel? The shape of bowl my love potion is made in.

    Sorry about the confusion.


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