Touch them, Hold them


Arms pulled back tight
hand grasping your hip
arching your back
you’ll give me no lip

Thighs pop against cheeks
each powerful thrust
this just might hurt
you’ll just have to trust

A slap on your ass
a handful of hair
taking it farther
than both of us dare

Seeking our limits
of desire and pain
spank me again
your gasping refrain

Pushing you down
my body it calls
reach down between
and cradle my balls

Finger them lightly
as I slam into you
I’ll tell you exactly
what I want you to do

Feeling them tighten
you know that I’m close
my mind going black
lost in the throws

You cradle my sac
to feel the release
pulses of ecstasy
deep in your crease

Our bodies unwind
come down from our high
you love the warm trickle
that drips down your thigh

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