Thereputic Chores


I had a thought yesterday while
skimming the pool. It dawned on me
how relaxing it was.

Is it just me, or do you find many of the
things you once considered drudgery to be
almost therapeutic as you get older? I abhorred
skimming when my dad used to MAKE me do it as a kid.
Now it is so calming and relaxing. The cool water,
the sun on your shoulders and the satisfaction of
cleaning up all those little fuzzies from the
cottonwood trees.


Cutting the lawn is solitary work
and provides time to reflect. The drone
of the engine, the smell of the grass
and the tune you sing while work.
The feeling you get looking back on
all the straight lines. Love it.


Washing a car. It used to be what
you did just before a date
or something your parents made you do.
Now it’s something to look forward
to on a lazy Saturday.

car wash

The water, the soap,
the shine of your baby and a cold
beer as you admire your work.

Funny how age and time can
change your perspective and
make something that was once
a chore become almost therapeutic.

Or, maybe it’s just me…….

9 thoughts on “Thereputic Chores

  1. I’m not quite there yet with seeing lawn-mowing as therapeutic — I like it much better when I’ve finished it than when I’m doing it. But if 4 ladies were washing my car like in the pic, I would see it as therapeutic!


  2. AM, I started off with just the picture of the girl skimming the pool, but decided it wasn’t fair to the ladies. So I added a little eye candy for them to balance things out. 😜


  3. Cutting grass engages all the senses. And there’s nothing I love more than the sound of an un-muffled engine, and the smell of raw gasoline mixed with freshly cut grass. I cut our lawn on a diagonal, just to make it more challenging.

    I want your girls to help me wash my car, though.


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